Services for cleaning and maintaining of public and private highways

  • Mechanical sweeping of public and private highways - 265 RON/ora functionare +TVA
  • Periat mecanizat - 250 RON/ora functionare +TVA
  • washing and watering of public and private highways;
  • Rscraping drains.

Collection and transport of industrial and household waste

Natural persons
  • Waste trucks;
  • Wastebins (bins and containers 1,1 m³, 5.5 m³ si 12 m³ for waste of construction).

Persoane juridice

  • Collection containers for industrial waste with the capacity between 4,4 and 24 m³;
  • Trucks for transporting collection containers with industrial waste.

Servicii Deratizare, Dezinfecție și Dezinsecție (DDD)

  • Combatere a factorilor de disconfort (rozătoare, gândaci, ploșnițe, purici etc);
  • Aparate de stropit cu motor în 2 timpi, pulverizatoare de ceață rece (atomizoare);
  • Aparate de stropit cu jet pulsatoriu, pulverizator de ceață caldă (Pulsfog).

Pest control, disinfection and disinsection services

  • Discomfort factors control (rodents, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, etc.);
  • Two-stroke engine spraying devices with cool mist sprayers (atomizers);
  • Pulse jet spraying devices with warm mist spray (Pulsfog);

Waste pre-collection and collection wastebins

  • Household waste (bins and containers);
  • Delivery, sale and rental services.

Acte necesare


Waste pre-collection is done on the basis of pre-set programs and on demand;